Try setting a goal in the first two weeks to have multiple assignments with student data.  Keep in mind:

  • Some students still need coaching on using the program
  • Reinforcing behaviors you'd like to see will encourage students to use the program effectively
  • It's highly recommended that initial data is NOT used to determine student grades

For students needing additional coaching, consider pairing them up with a peer and working together on a custom task.

To reinforce a growth mindset, consider sharing exemplar student work with the class.

  • Praise students for showing persistence with difficult problems
  • Praise students for showing improvement
  • Praise students for showing their step-by-step work

Once your students have gained some comfort and confidence using Mathspace, you can move on to our next step of implementation.  Read tips in our article, Weeks 3-6: Interpret Data for Effective Instruction

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