Mathspace has a great system for sharing assignments among teachers at the same school, (see how here!) and we're currently working to extend that feature to include sharing across an entire district.  In the meantime, you might find this workaround helpful.  

To share an assignment with a teacher outside your school:

  1. Create a custom task.
  2. Before you hit “save” be sure to add to your shared exercises.
  3. From the planner page, click on “shared exercises”.
  4. Search for the assignment you’d like to share.
  5. Hover to the right until you see the words “Assign” and “remove”.
  6. Right click on “assign” and copy the url link.
  7. Share the link with your colleagues (some districts even use a shared document to gather their assignments).

To open an assignment created by another school:

  1. Make sure you are logged in to Mathspace with your teacher account.
  2. Click the link of the assignment.
  3. Edit the details, assign to a class (or individual students), scroll to the bottom of the page, and click “save”.

Practice with these Example Custom Tasks:
Example Task 1
Example Task 2
Example Task 3

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