Clever integration simplifies sign-in and management of classes, as advertised. However, there are some features of Mathspace that change when a district uses Clever to roster and login to classes. These changes are outlined as follows:

  1.  When logging into Mathspace, if you use the app on tablets/iPads or the Mathspace website, you will now click the "Log in with Clever" button before signing on. Alternatively, you can sign into your school’s single sign-on service and click on the Mathspace icon. (Your students will do the same.) This means that you no longer need a Mathspace password - but it also means that the Mathspace team are now unable to manipulate, reset, or see that password. 

2. Your class rosters will now be maintained by your district admin, so you do not have to keep your class lists updated.  However, Clever’s class management feature has the unintended effect of limiting the ability to create and maintain small groups. You will be able to assign any type of task to individual students or small groups, but you will not be able to save that small group as a separate class to use again later.

In a school where classes are managed via Clever integration, a teacher’s ability to create new classes is lost.  

To create small groups you would use the drop down and click "+Add a new class...”  This is how you can create different classes for different groups in your class and assign different tasks to each group. Clever will delete this action during an overnight sync.

3. District Admin accounts are not yet supported in Mathspace (School Admin accounts are). If you used to log in through the “School_Admin” account to check on your district usage, then after connecting with Clever you will no longer be able to log into Mathspace. We encourage you to ask about our new District Dashboard for usage and student metrics across your district!

4. If you are a math coach or other personnel who is not technically assigned to math classes, we may need to create a login for you separate from the SIS. Contact [email protected] to learn about your options.

We are continually working to resolve the conditions that limit the functionality of Mathspace with Clever, but at present, an informed decision should be made about the trade-offs associated with using Clever for its single sign on capability.

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