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8th Grade Algebra Sample Lesson
8th Grade Algebra Sample Lesson

An example of how an 8th grade Pre-Algebra teacher might use Mathspace.

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Mrs. Hammond is an 8th grade teacher who uses Mathspace in her 55-minute class twice a week for direct instruction of state standards. Explore this example lesson on how to find the equation of a line utilizing Mathspace for all aspects of classroom instruction.

Warm-Up (5 minutes):

  • Mrs. Hammond created a custom task with a few questions on finding the slope from two coordinate points. 

  • She then assigned it to her class for them to complete as a warm up. 

  • Mrs. Hammond was able to monitor student work in real time on the task details page for this warm-up task.

  • After going over the results of the warm up activity as a class, she modeled going to the Textbook with students and selected the lesson on finding slope. 

  • While she modeled, students followed along and she walked students through using the slope widget in the textook lesson to develop their understanding and check their work.

Direct Instruction (10 minutes):

  • Mrs. Hammonds utilized the Mathspace lesson on finding the equation of a line showing students the video and supplementing with her own resources. 

  • She used the example problems within the lesson to walk students through guided practice.

  • Students engaged in a class discussion around the guided practice and Mrs. Hammonds fielded their questions and misconceptions. 

Group Work (15 minutes):

  • Mrs. Hammond asked students to partner up and assigned a 3-question custom task on Finding the Equation of a Line.

  • Students worked together, utilizing the slope widget and lesson notes to solve the problems assigned.

  • Mrs. Hammond was able to monitor student work in real time on the task details page for the group work task.

Independent Practice (15 minutes): 

  • Students accessed an adaptive task Mrs. Hammonds had previously created for them so that they are able to practice the skill learned in class today. 

  • The adaptive task she created allowed her students to practice the skill while Mathspace adjusted for student understanding allowing students to move on to more advanced questions or to practice basic questions utilizing hints and videos. 

Assessment (5 minutes): 

  • Toward the end of the class period, Mrs. Hammonds asked students to pause in their adaptive task and transition to completing their exit ticket.

  • Students then opened and completed the one question assessment Mrs. Hammonds had made for them as a custom task. 

  • The instructor’s ability to turn off the hints and videos provided her with data about the level of proficiency her students had reached by the end of the lesson. 


  • Students were asked to complete the adaptive task they started in class.

  • Mrs. Hammonds had also created a custom task on a different topic for the students who had already reached target mastery in the adaptive task.

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