Mr. Smith is a 4th grade teacher who uses Mathspace for assessment purposes only. This example demonstrates his use of Mathspace for a Homework and Exit Ticket model.

Assessment Model: 

Mr. Smith has just taught his 4th grade class a lesson on adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators. They have received direct instruction, worked together in stations, and had a chance to practice independently. Mr. Smith would now like to assess his student’s mastery before they dismiss. 

Exit Ticket: 

  1. Mr. Smith’s students log into Mathspace accounts. 
  2. Once his students have logged in, they see a custom task  on their dashboard assigned by Mr. Smith. 
  3. Students click on the task and begin working. The task has 5 questions that Mr. Smith has selected aligning to the subtopic students worked on in class. 
  4. Once students complete their task, they log out of Mathspace and shut down their technology. 
  5. Once students have been dismissed, Mr. Smith goes to his teacher planner to view his class data. He does not have to worry about grading the exit ticket, as Mathspace has done this for him and consolidated the data in the teacher planner. 
  6. After reviewing the data, Mr. Smith is able to better plan for tomorrow’s lesson. 


Mr. Smith wants students to be able to get more practice with adding and subtracting fractions at home and is going to use Mathspace to do so. The exit ticket data revealed to him that his students have varying understandings and mastery of the lesson from today. Mr. Smith assigns an adaptive task on adding and subtracting fractions as a homework assignment for students. 

The adaptive homework assignment he has given to them will allow students who were close to mastery to move forward to more challenging problems, while the students who struggled with this objective will be given more problems at their level. The adaptive nature of the technology, in addition to the hints and videos will provide the support and help to curb frustration as students work independently at home. 

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