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Blended Learning Sample Lesson

How to incorporate Mathspace as a part of blended learning

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Mr. Cohen has students for 90 minutes and access to the school’s computer lab during this time. He uses a rotation system in which students work in the computer lab for set amounts of time. Mr. Cohen uses a set rotation system where groups of his students spend time learning in different ways. He uses Mathspace to differentiate content, provide teacher interventions, and allow for collaborative learning. His students manage their own learning and mastery-based growth. Students in small groups rotate between individualized instruction with Mr. Cohen, collaborative work stations, and time in the lab working in Mathspace.

  1. Students begin in their designated stations assigned by Mr. Cohen. 

  2. One small group is receiving direct instruction from Mr. Cohen on new material that they have not yet covered. Because the group is small he is able to dig deeply into content and really address their questions and misconceptions as well as assess their understanding. 

  3. The second group is working on a collaborative, hands on activity that relates to a previous objective. They are working to build their understanding deeper and really drive their mastery. 

  4. The third group is in the computer lab working on the assigned tasks from Mr. Cohen in Mathspace. 

  5. Due to Mathspace’s adaptive learning capabilities students are able to practice and build their skills independent of Mr. Cohen’s help, but right at their level. 

  6. The stations rotate every 30 minutes and students have an opportunity to work at each station. 

  7. This blended learning model allows Mr. Cohen to reinforce previous objectives as well as intimately teach new ones. His classroom is thriving with the opportunity to get specialized help from him, engage with technology at their level, and collaborate with peers. 

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