In this model students use Mathspace to access the eBook and watch videos on a particular topic and complete an adaptive task that she has assigned with practice problems to refine their skills. Once students feel prepared to do so, they will take a mastery assessment that she has created using a custom task to show that they have mastered the material. Ms. Sanchez provides one-on-one coaching t support students throughout this process. If students demonstrate mastery of a subtopic, they move on to the next lesson in the cue. If they do not demonstrate mastery, they are required to do another practice task before attempting the assessment again. Ms. Sanchez does not fail any students in her class, as she is having them work on progress to mastery on an individualized plan of topics and subtopics. She guides her students on the philosophy that they have either mastered something, or they are working on mastering a topic, there is no in between. 

  1. Ms. Sanchez uses a fast track assessments to get an understanding of her students knowledge, ability, and gaps in their learning. 
  2. Based on the assessment results, Ms. Sanchez creates an individualized plan for each of her students with a list of topics that they need to complete. 
  3. Ms. Sanchez creates and saves to her file cabinet a mastery quiz for each topic that she wants students working on this quarter aligned to the State standards and assessment. 
  4. Ms. Sanchez provides students with their list of topics and subtopics they need to complete and assigns adaptive tasks to each student based on their needs indicated in their assessment data. 
  5. Students work independently daily accessing their lessons on the eBook, practicing in their adaptive tasks and taking their custom assessments when they feel ready to. 
  6. Ms. Sanchez monitors students progress from the mastery page and meets individually with students as she feels necessary. 
  7. Ms. Sanchez has weekly check-ins with each of her students to monitor their progress, answer their questions and provide any support that is needed. 
  8. Students drive their own instruction and are able to work at a self-guided pace on an individualized path that effectively pushes them forward and meets their unique needs. 
  9. Ms. Sanchez has student led conferences when she meets with parents each quarter and students use their mastery dashboard to explain to their parents how they are progressing, what they have mastered, and what they still need to work on using scorecards for data points. 

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