There are two ways to add students to a class. 

1) Use the class code

The easiest way is to get the students to add themselves! Go to your Admin page and find the unique class code listed above the roster. 

Direct students to, where they will type the class code into the Class Code box.

When students click the green Join button, they will automatically get linked with their school and your class. Your roster will begin to populate as you refresh your Admin page.

 2) Add students yourself:

Alternatively, you can add students to the class manually. 

Go to your Admin page, scroll down to the Student list and type in the student's First and Last name. The email address is optional.

Click Add, and a username and password will be automatically generated for the student.

Note: If the student already has an account linked with the school, their name will start to appear when you start typing it in. Click on the existing student to add them to your Student list. If the student's name appears multiple times in the dropdown menu, this means they have duplicate student accounts.

This video explains these options in more detail.

The great thing is that students' mastery data is carried with them and is visible for their teacher(s) as soon as they join a new class. That's why it's important students use their existing Mathspace account and will save them the headache of duplicate student accounts

If students forget their login credentials, you can easily find them here on the Admin tab. If necessary, you can reset their password.  

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