Mathspace is the world's first math program that allows students to show every step of their math reasoning, writing naturally into mobile devices. Say goodbye to multiple choice!

To start with, our handwriting recognition allows you write all your answers naturally with your finger or stylus into your mobile device. So it's just like doing math in a digital version of your old paper workbook.

Next, you can write every line of work for every math question. Other math apps only ask for the final answer, or use a multiple choice format. With Mathspace, however, all written steps are made digital, captured in the cloud, and available for students and teachers to review.

We mark each line of work as students complete it, giving them real-time, formative feedback at each step of a question, and support them at every step with hints, videos and next steps, so they're never stuck - just as if a teacher were sitting by their side. 

All of this data is captured and summarized into useful reports for teachers that pinpoint individual and class strengths and weaknesses. So teachers save hours on grading work, and get unrivaled insight into exactly where students need help.

This data also drives our adaptive learning engine, which personalizes a student's path through a curriculum. No other app collects as much data as Mathspace, meaning no other program has such an insight into exactly how students are progressing on their math journey. This means students have a more adaptive and personalized learning path. 

Plus: a full digital textbook, with lessons for every topic, so you can replace your old textbooks with Mathspace; differentiation tools to allow teachers to create groups within their class; gamification elements like badges and points to keep students motivated; and over 15,000 questions for Grades 5-8, Algebra I and II and Geometry, as well as Developmental Math and Trigonometry for higher education, and even more topics to come soon. All aligned to the Common Core and multiple other US state curricula.

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