We have created sample papers for both General Mathematics and Mathematics that you can easily to your students . Once your students have started completing these tasks, you will receive an HSC diagnostic report. 

Follow these steps to assign an HSC sample paper to your class.

Step 1: Create your Year 12 class and add the corresponding curriculum

If you have already created your Year 12 class, make sure you have the correct curriculum assigned to your class by clicking on the Admin tab. You can add the curriculum to your class if not.
The curriculum:

  • for General: NSW Yr 12 General Mathematics 2 (end 2018)
  • for Mathematics: NSW Yr 12 Mathematics HSC (ends 2019)

Step 2: Add your students to the class

The easiest way to add your students to a class is to share your class code.

Step 3: Create your HSC sample paper

  1. Create ‘Task’ and select Custom Task

2. Pick the right curriculum for the sample paper

We will use General Mathematics as an example here.

3. Under ‘Topic’ scroll to the bottom to find the sample papers

4. Select the paper you’d like from the Subtopic drop down menu

5. Pull all questions and remove any questions which you haven’t covered in class yet

6. Scroll to the bottom and name the task

Once students have started completing the sample papers, Mathspace will send you a diagnostic report.

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