What you need to know

  1. Mathspace is here help you learn. So don’t be scared to use the Lessons, Hints and Videos when you see them. They will NOT take points off you or slow down your progress.
  2. Next Steps will slow down your progress as we will have given you a line of working. Use these wisely when you are really not sure what to do next.
  3. If you are struggling you will get more questions for practice. This gives you the chance to show your teacher you have learned from previous mistakes.  
  4. To avoid getting lots of questions, use the hints, videos and the lessons. You will often see a book icon at the top right of the page will takes you back to the lesson. You will not lose progress if you go back to the lesson.
  5. You can only use your Facebook or Google+ profile pictures or one of the cartoons we have given you. No other options will be made.
  6. We welcome your feedback, so use the feedback button if you think a question needs clarifying, you spot a typo or if you are convinced you have been marked incorrectly. We read every email and will respond when necessary so please be polite.
  7. You should add your parent email when you're setting up your account. Then we can email them with updates of where you're at and they can help you too.

Finding topics

You can choose to work on any topic you like. To find a list, simply click on the menu icon in the top left corner of the page, then click Topics and choose what you’d like to work on.

Once you have started completing work on Mathspace, you can click on the green Start button and we will make recommendations based on what you’ve been doing.


The points are based on effort as well as achievement. Once you have achieved Mastery the points for each question you then complete that subtopic will be reduced. You will earn more by going onto a new subtopic.


A grey cross means your line of working is wrong. Try again. Computers don’t change their mind if you input the same thing 7 times. If it thinks it’s wrong, it will keep thinking it’s wrong until someone at Mathspace has a word with it. (Send feedback if we need to sort out an error). Use the hints and next steps to get the next line of working so you can keep working on your task.

A yellow tick means you are on the right track and need to continue simplifying/solving until you are finished. Yellow ticks are a great thing because they show you know how to express your working out, not just write the final answer.

A green tick is the green light to move on to the next question. Your answer is fully solved.

Typing Shortcuts

If you are using a keyboard, there are shortcut keys you can use, e.g. 2/7 will make a fraction for you straight away. 

Error Messages

You don’t lose points if you get an error message. If you see something like this:

Notice how there’s no grey cross? That means you haven’t lost any points.

Typo Message

If you get the typo message, clear your previous answer completely and rewrite from scratch. Again, notice there is no blue cross? So no points lost. Phew.

If there’s a blue video icon this is helping to explain the message and what you need to do to avoid it again.


2,400 is understood by the system as two numbers, 2 and 400. Useful when we ask you to order a set of numbers but no good if you wanted to answer with 2400. If you type your answer a small gap will automatically appear for you to help with place value. If you write onto a tablet you can wait for a second to see the text shows what you want before pressing check answer.


Some questions will ask for your reason. At every step. We know this is more work for you, but it’s about checking your understanding. 

The important thing is to remember that it is a KEY WORD search. So you don’t have to memorise how it is written in Mathspace. You do need to know the key terminology. Want to use the fact that the sum of angles in a triangle = 180? Try searching for ‘tri sum 180’. It’ll find the right sentence for you.

Types of tasks


The lessons are designed to help you with new concepts and to show you how to lay out your work. Watch the videos at the end to see a teacher working through the problem, line by line, explaining why you need to do each step. There will sometimes be interactives for you to explore too.


An investigation is a longer, more open ended task that we can’t mark within Mathspace. They are still useful tasks to complete though as they should improve your understanding of a concept. They will help you develop your problem solving and analytical skills too.

Adaptive Task

The tasks you complete on Mathspace adapt to how well you are doing. If you are progressing well, you get through the task quickly. If you find some questions more difficult, you will have more of them to complete as extra practice. You will see your progress at the top of the screen. Push yourself for Mastery - a full green bar - if you can. Remember you can use the hints to help you through.

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