Mathspace has stated that data is stored with Amazon Web Services in the USA. Is Mathspace compliant with Australian Privacy Principles?

At Mathspace, we take privacy and security of our users' personal information seriously. We believe we are in compliance with the Australian Privacy Act 1988 and the Australian Privacy Principles.

With regards specifically to our use of Amazon Web Services (AWS) for storing data in the USA. We believe that this is in compliance with the relevant Principle, APP 8, which relates to disclosure of personal information with overseas recipients.

The Office of the Information Commissioner (OAIC) has said disclosure generally occurs when an entity releases personal information from its effective control, and our use of the AWS service is structured so that our effective control over the data is maintained. OAIC also provided more specific guidance that information provided to a cloud service provider subject to adequate security and strict user control may be a "use" and not a "disclosure", and our use of the AWS service is structured to use security controls to that end.


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