We've redesigned our Workbook to be more modern, intuitive and easy to use, so your students can get more work done on Mathspace.

Summary of changes

  • We've replaced the yellow checkmark with two different outlined green checkmarks
  • Students can browse questions in a Task by clicking on the progress bar
  • The math toolbar sits below the input
  • Skip step is now always accessible
  • All help options (hints, video and lesson) now appear on the right side of the screen.
  • We now highlight the step that a hint is referring to


New updates

Skip and review questions
Click on the new progress bar to navigate between questions in the set while still in the workbook.

See progress within a question
Students can now see how long a question is with the subproblem progress indicator.

Next steps are always available
Now you don't have to use all the hints before asking to 'Skip step'.

No more yellow checkmark
We've replaced the yellow checkmark with two different green checkmarks. The solid circle shows that you have reached a checkpoint, and that new hints are available. The dashed circle means you have a mathematically valid step, but we don't have that exact step in our solutions.

Math toolbar
The math toolbar appears when the input is active. The sets of symbols varies for different types of questions.

Access hints for each step in a solution, and video walkthroughs for each question. Having access to help when you’re struggling is important to foster growth mindset. Students will not be penalised for using these help options.

Below the hint icon on the right side, you will find the lesson icon for adaptive tasks. The eBook lesson will open as a pop-up on top of their workbook so students can quickly switch between the question and the lesson.

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