How To Access The Mathspace Task Template Library

Teachers who have task templates enabled will see a new item in their top navigation bar when on the Planner page. Clicking this will take you through to the Mathspace task template library.

Mathspace Task Template Library

The Mathspace Task Template Library contains a list of task templates created by the Mathspace team. You can click through to either a task template group or an individual task template.

Task Template Group

Groups are collections of task templates. Clicking through to a task template group displays the templates within that group. For example, the image below shows Task Templates within the Year 7 Revision group.

Once a Task Template is selected

Once you click on a Task Template, you will see a preview of the questions with sample randomisations. You can then assign this Task Template as a Custom task by clicking the "Assign as Custom Task" button in the top right hand corner of the page. This will take you to the existing Create Task screen within Mathspace. You can add and remove questions from the template from this Create Task page.

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