Thanks for your interest in helping us to shape an early version of the new Chromebook app as we prepare it for release.

Quick install guide

In more detail

You can install the app on any Chromebook that can run Android apps, without having to log in or register as a tester.  You'll need to have a touch screen Chromebook with the Google Play store installed.

The beta version is distributed through the Google Play Store, and you can install it by tapping this link on a supported Chromebook:

You can view this page on your Chromebook, email yourself the link, or whatever is most convenient to grab that URL on your Chromebook.

You can install the app side by side with the existing one on your Chromebook, and they won't interfere with each other.  Your students will be able to log in and learn as they're accustomed to doing.  

We warmly welcome and encourage any feedback on your experience with the app.

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