Mathspace has curriculum-wide and strand-wide diagnostic tests to assess your class' and students' grade level, and to measure their level of ability directly against Australian Curriculum outcomes. You'll be able to assess your students anywhere between Years 3 and 10. Here's how you can set them.

While logged into Mathspace, click on the "Templates" button near the top right.

Click on the "Diagnostic Tests with Reports" group.

Pick the type of diagnostic test you wish to set. The content tested will be at the grade level you select, as well as the two grade levels below. For example, if you pick the "Year 9 Number and Algebra Strand Diagnostic", it will cover the material from Years 7, 8 and 9 for the Number and Algebra strand. You should set aside 60 minutes for the Curriculum Diagnostics, and 40 minutes for the Strand Diagnostics.

You will be able to preview the questions. Once you are done, click on "Assign as Custom Task" at the top right.

Under the "Advanced" section, uncheck the "Allow students to use hints and watch video demonstrations". If this is left checked, the students' ability level might reflect as being higher than it actually is. You can also change the Start Date and Due Date here.

Scroll down to the bottom, name the task, and click "Save".

Your diagnostic test is now set, and your students will be able to work on it shortly. Once your students have completed the diagnostic test, and once a day has passed for the report to generate, you can dive into Understanding the Diagnostic Report.

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