A new student dashboard is here! When a student logs into Mathspace, they can now opt in to the new student dashboard via the banner at the top.

This new dashboard is reorganised to more easily identify what tasks they should be working on, a new STEM story each time they log in, and even a greater selection of avatars.

First and foremost are the tasks that are due soon. Students can immediately begin working on what their teachers have set directly from the dashboard. If students have overdue tasks, they will see a banner highlighting those tasks. Tasks that are due later on in the future can be accessed by clicking the "View all tasks" button.

If a student has completed all the work assigned to them and wants to continue doing more, they can use the "Recommended Subtopics" section to work on other subtopics that are appropriate for their level.

There are now more avatars for students to choose from - many of which are STEM-related so that they can express themselves with a future career choice they might be interested in.

Finally, the leaderboard is now hidden by default. Students can actively look at it by clicking the "Launch leaderboard" button.

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