The tools available for you to track your students' work and growth, and to take appropriate action have been significantly improved. You can access these pages by clicking on a student's name from various places within Mathspace (e.g. task results or "Admin")

This will bring you to the Student Insights page - from here, you can access the other pages via the left-hand panel.

Student Insights

Student Insights gives you a broad overview of a student's work over the past week. Some examples of data available to you are what the subtopics they've worked on, what they're excelling at, and the top questions that need to be addressed.

You can even assign the top questions to address directly to that student as a Custom Task!

Student Activity

Student Activity gives you an indication of how much work the student has been doing, as well as when they've been doing it. You can see what days they have been spending on Mathspace, and whether they've been working within school hours or at home.

You can also see exactly what tasks they have been working on, and whether they were assigned tasks or self-directed tasks in the Activity Log.

Student Mastery

Student Mastery gives you an indication of a student's overall ability level over all the topics that have been worked on Mathspace. You can select the curriculum and 'Filter by worked on' to see the relevant data.

Darker colours represent higher levels of mastery. You can get detailed information for each topic by clicking on the topic. This will show you the mastery level for each subtopic and the amount of work spent on that subtopic. You can also assign tasks or view all questions that have contributed to mastery for that subtopic.

Student Tasks

Student Tasks allows you to see the results of tasks that the students have been assigned and worked on. Clicking on a task name will bring you to the student's scorecard, where you can see their working for each question. 

You can also download the results as a .csv if you need to keep a soft copy for the student's gradebook.

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