Note: Many of the Class Report pages are in Beta and are still being developed.

The tools available to monitor your class' work and progress have been redesigned from the ground up, with a focus on making it easy for teachers to teach in a data-driven manner. You can access these pages by either:

  1. Clicking on "Weekly Insights" from the Planner page
  2. Clicking on the "New Class Tasks Report" banner from the Grades page

From there, you can access the other pages via the left-hand panel.


Weekly Insights gives you a high-level overview of your class' work over the past week. You can see the amount of questions your students have completed in the past week, the subtopics/questions that your students have most struggled with. By clicking on "Try this question", you can present questions that your class had issues with and walk them through it yourself.

You can also see which students are excelling in many subtopics, and which students are struggling with certain subtopics.


Class Tasks gives you a summary of your class' work on the tasks that you have assigned. You can select a date range that is most relevant for you at any given time. You'll be able to easily see high level metrics, such as participation rate (based on students who have started tasks), completion averages (based on students' progress through the tasks), time averages and mastery/grade averages.

This can be further broken down by Task level or by Student level. You can then click into each task/student for further details.

All of these results can also be downloaded. You have the option of downloading the task view, the student view or the gradebook view. The gradebook view is the most comprehensive, giving you a spreadsheet of every student's result for every task.

It's also worth noting that this page is class context sensitive. If a task is assigned to multiple students in multiple classes, in this page you will only see the results for the student in the selected class. This allows you to be intentional and specific about how you approach your class.

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