Instead of working from a task that you have set, you might want your students to work independently on topics of their choice. They can do so by accessing the Practice page from the navigation bar.

When they are in the Practice page, the first thing they should do is to ensure that they are working in the correct syllabus. Mathspace remembers the students' selection for when they next come to the Practice page.

Once the appropriate syllabus has been chosen, the student can then choose a topic and subtopic. They will then have the following options:

  • Scorecard: they can view their previous work done on that subtopic.

  • Question Set: they can view a list of all the questions that might appear, and practice on individual questions of their choice.

  • Lesson: they can view the lesson for the topic.

  • Practice: they can work through a self-started adaptive assessment in the workbook.

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