Create a Task From Anywhere

Assign work most relevant for your students, while viewing class reports, student reports or the textbook

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As part of our re-design of the Mathspace teacher experience, we wanted to allow teachers to be more data-driven. We want you to be able to use the information provided by our reports, and quickly respond by assigning a task to your student or students.

The main result of this goal is the ability for teacher to Create a Task From Anywhere. That, from any page in Mathspace, you will be able to create and assign exactly the right task without leaving the page you are on.

On the left side of every page, just under the Mathspace logo, there is a round button with a plus sign that opens the Create a Task From Anywhere flyout.

This will open up a flyout which allows you to choose from three options for creating a task:

  1. Adaptive Task Creation: Let students work through a particular subtopic at their own pace, with Mathspace choosing the right questions for each individual student.

  2. Custom Task Creation: Choose exactly which questions your students practice, from our bank of tens of thousands of questions.

  3. Task Template Creation: Share a task with your colleagues for easy collaboration and future use.

  4. Lesson Task Creation: Assign a lesson to individual students or classes. It will then appear on the Student Dashboard as a lesson they can read.

  5. Worksheet Task Creation: Assign worksheets as tasks for students to work on. These will show up on their dashboard as a task.

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