Mathspace allows teachers to assign different types of tasks to students. These are Custom, Adaptive or Fast Track tasks.

Custom tasks

You are in control. You choose the number of questions, the types of questions, the due date and whether or not the values are varied. Start creating custom tasks for your students. 

We recommend starting with a Custom task with 5-10 questions, so you can introduce Mathspace and get students familiar using to using it.

Adaptive tasks
Students work through a subtopic at their own pace, starting with the easiest to the most difficult questions. Learn how to assign an adaptive task for your students.

Fast Track tasks
Students can show their understanding across a particular topic before they start to work through each of the subtopics. Like adaptive tasks, the questions will adjust according to how the student is performing. Learn more about the fast track task

The Planner page represents the different types of tasks with a simple color-code. 

Most teachers like to use a combination of all three tasks, but of course all teachers use Mathspace in different ways

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