If you want to delete a class, simply choose the class from your green drop-down menu, go to your Admin tab, and click the yellow Archive button under the Class details. Teachers at your school will no longer see or have access to this class once it's been archived. 

Tip: add the year "2017" to last year's classes before you archive them. 

Mathspace won't actually permanently delete the class; we'll just archive it in case you want to bring it back later. Students in the archived class will retain their mastery data and points. They'll also remain part of the school, and can be added to another class at any time. 

We strongly suggest coming up with naming conventions such as having the teacher initials and the year eg. "9A AB 2018" in the title of the class to make the classes easily searchable. 

If you need to retrieve a class that has been archived, please get in touch with use the 24/7 teacher support chat on the site or email us at [email protected]

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