The fast track is an ideal diagnostic test for each topic giving you a quick snapshot of each student's understanding across the different subtopics. The questions selected adapt based on how students are going so you can uncover a lot of information about student strengths and weaknesses in a short test. There are no hints, next steps or videos so you will know exactly what each student can do independently. 

The students will be given a time limit of 24 hour to complete this task, and won't be able to reattempt the task for another 3 days. 

Once a student completes a fast track test, you will get a good overall picture of what subtopics they understand. Here's some information on what the results page shows you:

Remember you can still set work on a topic a student has shown strong understanding. However, if you assign an adaptive task, they will start off with harder questions from the set and progress faster with earning mastery after each question answered correctly.

This means they can still revise and practice but won't spend as much time on things they know, so they have more time to cover new content.

You may like to assign a fast track task at the start of a topic, or direct students to access the fast track tracks themselves.

As the task is adaptive, your students will complete the task over a range of completion times and may have worked on a different number of questions. We suggest having at least the first adaptive task in the topic ready for the students to get started on. 

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