Points are awarded to students based on effort and engagement. The more questions the student attempts, the more points they earn. The points system encourages the students to work on new questions that they haven't tried before. 

Points are visible for students on their dashboard. Each week the students sees a snapshot of the top point earners in their class. These points get displayed as a weekly tally. 

Teachers can view an overall points summary of their students by going to the Admin tab, scrolling down and sorting by the Points column. Teachers can quickly identify which students have been working on Mathspace recently, indicated by a green box with the number of points earned in the current week. Weekly points reset at the end of every week, which is defined as 23:59 Saturday UTC.

How points are calculated: 

  • 10 points for correct answer first time the student does a particular question correct. 
  • 5 points if the student does that same question* again correct. 
  • 3 points if the student does that same question again correct. 
  • 1 point thereafter.

So basically the more new questions students answer correctly, the more points they get. Answering questions they already know gets them much less points. 

With our adaptive tasks, those who struggle a bit often have to do a lot more questions in the set so they're rewarded with more points compared with those who just do 5-10 questions and get them all correct and achieve mastery. 

*Same question meaning the same skill but could be different numbers. 

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