There are a ton of handy shortcuts and easy ways to avoid input errors on Mathspace. Here are some pro tips for students to get the most out of Mathspace every day.


Enter "0" before the decimal if there is no whole number.
For example, "0.5" instead of ".5"


 Do not enter commas for numbers larger than 999.
For example, "1000" instead of "1,000"


Use a horizontal fraction bar to represent fractions

Solving Equations:

Both sides of an equation must be equivalent, so you need to enter the values horizontally, not vertically. For example, 2x-5+5=15+5


Make sure to use the variables as given, whether upper or lower case.
For example, if it asks for "t=", do not enter "T=" as it means something different

Solving for the value of x:

Make sure you write "x=" when you are finding the value of a variable.


When you are rounding for any value, including pi, do not round until the very last step.
For example for the value of pi, work with the value of pi, not 3.14, until the very end.

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