Say good-bye to the traditional math classroom! 

Ms. Leeson's Self-Directed Classroom

  1. Ms. Leeson assigns adaptive tasks to be completed by a certain date
  2. Students study the e-textbook, widgets, and videos at their own pace
  3. Ms. Leeson monitors students progress and provides help along the way

"We use Mathspace almost every day to support mastery-based, individualized, self-directed learning. Mathspace has provided a scaffolded environment through the use of AI directed hints, helps, videos and an embedded CCSS textbook. This also allows me to confidently engage with individual students in one to one, small group and individualized projects, knowing that all students are fully engaged, through multiple access points, in individually appropriate content. Students love MathSpace and actually cheer when it is time to "Go to MathSpace". "

--Julia Leeson, Burnett Middle School, San Jose Unified School District, CA 

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