"Mathspace allows me to teach my students independence and problem-solving skills, to take initiative in their learning, and to learn based on the resources provided them. Since it was introduced a few weeks ago, students have become much more active doing math outside the classroom."
Collin Thompson (Math Teacher, Solvay Middle School, NY)

“Our teachers are saying that Mathspace is the best digital product they've ever used!”
Andrew Casale (Instructional Leader, Math & Science, Mineola Middle School - an Apple Distinguished School, NY)

"I found Mathspace to be a useful addition to my math program. The program is user-friendly and I found the customer service to be exceptional. They sent frequent emails to give advice on using some of the details of the program and were quick with responding to any issues we encountered."
Karen Fitzpatrick (Math Teacher, St. Gregory the Great Catholic School, FL)

"This was loved by all students. The reports were great and the support from Mathspace was terrific."
Adam Semo (Math Department Chair, Harry Byrd Middle School, VA)

"Mathspace is particularly helpful for students that have gaps in their learning as I was able to assign additional problems in areas that the student was struggling with very easily. It was very helpful in tutoring as well as I could look specifically at where they struggled on a problem in an effort to find that student's specific gaps in learning."
Brandon Karns (Math Teacher, The Village School, TX)

"We use MathSpace almost every day to support mastery-based, individualized, self-directed learning. Mathspace has provided a scaffolded environment through the use of AI directed hints, helps, videos and an embedded CCSS textbook. This also allows me to confidently engage with individual students in one to one, small group and individualized projects, knowing that all students are fully engaged, through multiple access points, in individually appropriate content. Students love MathSpace and actually cheer when it is time to 'Go to MathSpace'."
Julia Leeson (Burnett Middle School, San Jose Unified School District, CA)

"I was able to teach a mini lesson on a benchmark topic in my class one day. The students could come in the next day and work on 10 practice problems the next day. While working, I could skip around the room more effectively. This allowed me to truly work with the struggling students, while my more high performing students could move through the problems. I was able to catch small minor mistakes with the students, or in some cases, major gaps in student learning. I would also be able to create lessons that provided differentiation for students at higher levels. I could keep students motivated because I could show them that I could see their steps and work. By allowing multiple variations of answers, it also allowed students to "skip" steps and still provide a step in the right direction. This helped build confidence within my students. I also watched how other students who mentored their neighbor or a new student on how to use the application. It was great watching my students, even my toughest ones, show others how to use the program."
Jarusha Geringer (Math Teacher, Smith Hale Middle School, MO)

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