The mastery score is a measure of student progress on a scale of 0 to 100. It is NOT a percentage score but an indicator of the knowledge demonstrated by the student. Students gain mastery as they progress through skills-based subtopics assigned by teachers as Adaptive and Custom tasks, as well as those that they work on independently. 

Before students have attempted problems in a subtopic, their mastery score is 0. After students successfully answer questions correctly in their tasks, their mastery score goes up.

In order to keep students motivated to do more problems, there is no mastery penalty for incorrect answers.

Here at Mathspace, we use the following benchmarks to indicate the level of mastery demonstrated by the student:

  • Score of 0 to 50: No Proficiecy (Colored Red)
  • Score of 51-75: Approaching Proficiency (Colored Yellow)
  • Score of 76-99: Proficiency (Colored Green)
  • Score of 100: Mastery (Indicated with a Green Check)

You'll see these color coded in your mastery page.  If a student stops progressing, you'll be alerted with a red exclamation point.

For more technical information on how the mastery score is calculated, see Part II of Understanding the Mastery Score. 

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