There is a lot of research behind the Mathspace program, most notably Bloom's Two Sigma Problem, which states that 1:1 teacher to student ratio is by far the most effective means of teaching (and more closely replicated by Mathspace than by any other software), as well as this study by Professor Kurt Van Lehn on adaptive learning, stating that the most effective adaptive learning programs have an "inner" and an "outer" loop. Again, unlike multiple choice math programs, Mathspace is the world's only program that collects granular data, at every step of every question (the "inner loop") and feeds it into our engine to determine not only the correct path for a student within a problem, but the best next question, next subtopic, and next topic (the "outer loop"). Finally, for iPad and smartphone users, read this piece on handwriting recognition benefits for math vs typeface.

You may also be interested in a study with three Silicon Valley middle schools that piloted Mathspace, and the subsequent results from pre vs post test scores. 

Get in touch with your local school liaison or send us a message using the support chat (bottom right of your screen) if you would like to know more. 

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