Keeping data for the next school year 

For teachers:

Getting new accounts set up for next year

For the new teachers: 

  • Simply use the chat button on the bottom right hand side of the site to get in touch with us and let us know the names and email addresses of new staff and we can get their accounts created for you right away. 
  • You can also let us know if any teachers have left your school.

For students: 

  • Students visit and enter their class code provided by their teacher
  • Existing students can use their existing login details. 
  • New students can create their own account.
  • If the student forgets their password they can reset themselves it as long as they have their email linked with their student account. If they don't then the teacher will need to add the student to their class and reset it for them
  • Teachers can also manually add students who are already part of the school. They will be searchable in the Student List on the Admin page.

That's it! No spreadsheets. No back and forth. Every teacher can do it all themselves. 

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