Mathspace provides lots of support for students as they work through the questions on Mathspace. If you are getting stuck, make sure you are accessing these support tool that are in place:

Remember: you don't get penalised for using hints, watching video examples or accessing the lesson - so make use of this support!

 1) Ask for a hint and watch a video example while you are working on a question. 

 2) Review the lesson in the eBook by clicking on the icon that looks like a book, then click 'x' to go back to your exercise. The lesson will help to explain the concepts you are working on. If there is no lesson link, you can search for a lesson

 3) You can ask for a next step if you are still unsure. Note that you will be penalised for asking for the next line of working. You may like to give it a go yourself before asking for the next step. 

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