We know there are many maths skills and questions that are best completed offline. That's why we have introduced Mathspace Worksheets to ensure students have the depth and rigour needed for best mathematical understanding.

All textbook for years 7-10 across AC, VIC, and NSW have worksheets including the senior textbooks below:

AC 11 and 12 General, Methods, and Essentials
QLD 11 and 12 General, and Methods

VIC 12 Further
VIC 11 General

VIC 11 and 12 Methods

WA 11 and 12 Essentials, Applications, and Methods

Worksheets are also available for the following International Baccalaureate courses:

MYP 2 2021 (BETA)

MYP 3 2021 (BETA)

MYP 4 2021 (BETA)

MYP 5 2021 (BETA)

MYP 5 Extended 2021 (BETA)

IB Standard Level Applications and Interpretation - 2021 Edition (BETA)

IB Standard Level Analysis and Approaches - 2021 Edition (BETA)

IB Standard Level Core - 2021 Edition (BETA)

Worksheets are available for the following Virginia SOL textbooks:

Virginia SOL Algebra 1 - 2020 Edition

Virginia SOL Geometry - 2020 Edition

How to access worksheets

You'll find new comprehensive question sets under the Worksheets tab in the textbook section of Mathspace.

You can distribute the worksheets to your students in two ways:

  1. Clicking on "Assign to students" will open the task flyout, where you can assign the worksheet like a normal task. The worksheet will then appear on the students' task list.
  2. For select textbooks, clicking on the menu button followed by "Download worksheet" will allow you to download a print-friendly PDF version of the worksheet.

This video explains more:

The questions in the Worksheets are representative of our interactive questions. However, what makes them great is that they contain open-ended questions that give students more flexibility to explain and/or reason, as shown below:

Special features

  • There are specifically designed non-calculator questions.
  • Queensland textbooks will specify whether questions are Simple Familiar (SF), Complex Familiar (CF) or Complex Unfamiliar (CU).
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