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Using Mathspace in Spanish or other languages
Using Mathspace in Spanish or other languages

Step by step instructions on how to translate Mathspace using Google Chrome

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Please note that these instructions are for translating Mathspace using Google Chrome.

Step 1: Open Google Chrome's settings.

Tap the vertical ... menu at the top right corner of Chrome, and select Settings

Step 2: Access the Languages Menu and Set up Your Translation

From Chrome's Settings page:

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page, select Advanced, and scroll until you see the Menu called Languages.

  • Open the dropdown menu next to Language

  • Select Add languages, and choose the language (like Spanish) that you would like to translate Mathspace into

  • Next to English, open the dropdown menu and check the box that says Offer to translate pages in this language.'

You can now close Settings

Step 3: Refresh Mathspace and use the translation tool

Once you have refreshed Mathspace, a symbol will appear in your address bar at the top of the page. From any page in Mathspace, click that symbol, and choose Spanish (or whatever other language you have chosen).

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