Enlarging Mathspace on screen using the browser:

All modern browsers have a 'zoom' feature. Below, I have linked how-tos for Chrome and Safari browsers. If you use a different browser, please refer to the specific user guides.

Enlarging Mathspace on an iPad.

 ipads have a 'zoom' function that allows you to use either a 3-finger 'double-tap' or an on-screen controller. 

Go to 'settings', then 'general' then 'accessibility'. Turn zoom on. 

You can then choose your settings. (I do like the 'controller', as you can 'drag' the enlarged screen around easier). 

The iPad zoom function works with the handwriting panel as well. 

Enlarging Mathspace on an Android device.

 Android devices have a 'magnification' function that allows you to use a triple tap to zoom ad then a double tap or double swipe to zoom further and move around the screen. 

Go to 'settings', then 'accessibility' and 'magnification gestures'. Turn gestures on. 

This functionality works on the handwriting panel as well.  

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