If a student has multiple accounts set up, this can cause a number of issues:
  (a) will lock their email address from being used again
  (b) may loose existing mastery data
  (c) may not see tasks that the teacher has assigned
  (d) have issues accessing and resetting their password 

To save multiple accounts being created:
It is important that students join a class as an existing student.

To test for duplicate accounts in your school:

Go to the Admin page, scroll down to the Student list, start typing in a student's name and testing whether their name appears again. 

Make sure that students are logging in to Mathspace using the login that appears in your Student list.

If you notice that your students have duplicate accounts:

Let us know so that we can deactivate any student accounts that aren't being used and free up any email addresses if need be. You can let the student know which account they should be using by looking at the number of points linked with which username. Make sure that their correct email address is linked with their correct account, and only that account. 

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