Students can be grouped how teachers choose on Waypoints. This may be by class, skill, or any other category chosen by the teacher.

To create or add students to a group on Waypoints

1. Click on the 'Groups' tab in the top toolbar.

2. Click on the students' names that you wish to group. If you choose a student accidentally, click on the name again to deselect them. Click the right arrow to move the students into a group.

3. Give this group a name. You can select an existing one from your list, or create a new group.

NB. Students can only be in one group at a time on Waypoints.

Editing or removing students from a group

We want to give teachers flexibility to regroup students as they see necessary.

To remove students from a group:

  1. Select the Group you wish to edit.

  2. Click on the student's name in the box on the right. You can select multiple names to remove more than one student.

  3. Choose the group name you wish to move these students to by clicking the title above the box on the left hand side. If you do not wish to group these students, select 'students not in a group.'

  4. Click the left arrow. These students will be moved to the new group.

You can also rename or delete your group

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