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Using screen readers to make Mathspace Worksheets accessible

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Mathspace is committed to making content that is accessible to students with different learning needs. Our new Accessibility mode allows students to use screen readers within Mathspace Worksheets.

Our new Accessibility mode is currently available to students following any curriculum for which our new Worksheets feature is enabled - list available here.

How to use Accessibility mode

  1. Students need to open the screenreader first, then the browser (Chrome or Safari).

  2. Log into Mathspace using your username/password.

  3. Students to click on the avatar and select 'Enable accessibility mode'

4. Click on the Textbook tab to access the Worksheets.

Note: Math content can only be read using the keyboard (toggle through the content by using the tab and arrow keys).

Special features for Florida Textbook users:

  • Subtopic Overview

  • Solidify Task

    Students reinforce their understanding with teacher-guided worked examples and explicit instruction.

  • Practice

    This is where students can access the Worksheets.

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