Waypoints has been designed to be student-led and teacher-defined.

After completing the initial 10 diagnostic check-ins, student will have access to a complete report detailing the skills they have demonstrated across their chosen curriculum. This video explores the report in more detail.

Key points from the video

After completing the Diagnostic phase, students will be able to access their skills report that looks like this. Each time a student completes a subsequent growth check-in, the report will automatically to show any growth.

Each of the skills is also written as an 'I can' statement to help make the outcomes meaningful for students. Students can use the insights from Waypoints to address any knowledge gaps. Students with Mathspace access can access relevant content in the textbooks by clicking on the Mathspace icon next to the relevant outcome.

This video explains more about using Waypoints and Mathspace together

What do the symbols in the student report mean?

What curricula are covered by Waypoints

Currently, Waypoints reports on:

  • The Australian Curriculum 3-10A

  • Victorian Curriculum 3-10A

  • US Common Core Algebra 1

  • US Common Core Algebra 2

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