Waypoints is designed to be student-led and teacher-defined.

All students can sign up for a free personal Waypoints account to help them take ownership of their learning. If they already have a Mathspace account, they can simply click on the app switcher icon and get started. Students will they be required to complete 10 check-ins to complete the Diagnostic phase.

The Diagnostic Phase

The Diagnostic phase in Waypoints gathers baseline information about a student's skills. This phase is the first 10 check-ins a student completes on Waypoints. Each of these check-ins comprises of 10 questions. NB. A Diagnostic check-in can be completed in more than one sitting without losing progress. Once they complete their first check-in in this Diagnostic phase, a skills report will be generated for the student. Watch this video to learn more about the Diagnostic phase.

The Growth Phase

Once students complete the diagnostic phase (i.e. the first 10 check-ins), they move to the Growth phase. In this phase, each check-in is only 5 questions, and will automatically update the student's skills report with any growth. This video explains in more detail.

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