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Mathspace is now integrated with the Canvas LMS platform to simplify the sign-in process and management of classes in Mathspace.

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Using this integration, students and teachers will be able to log in to Mathspace from Canvas using their Single Sign On (SSO) login. Please note- there is currently no way to log in using Canvas from the Mathspace site. Your school will also be able to sync students, teachers, classes from a Canvas site into Mathspace. We know this has a number of advantages for schools:

  • All accounts are managed by the Canvas administrator, so teachers do not have to keep their class lists updated.

  • There will not be instances of duplicate student accounts.

  • Students do not require another set of logins to access Mathspace, so no forgotten passwords!

There are some changes to Mathspace functionality that teachers should be aware of before switching to the Canvas integration:

  • As class management will now be managed by your school’s Canvas administrator, teachers will have to reach out to this administrator to create different classes to differentiate groups within their classes, rather than do it themselves.

  • Your schools’ Canvas administrator will also now manage some functions previously controlled by teachers, including:

    • The ability to move students into a different class.

    • The ability to invite teachers to join your school’s Mathspace subscriptions.

    • The ability to archive/ unarchive classes

  • Other class settings features like adding a teacher to a class and making the points leaderboard visible/not visible for students will not be available.

  • Adding a parent email is not yet supported.

Migration and use of data

  • For students with existing accounts, their data can be saved and transferred to their Canvas account provided that they have the exact same email address on their account in Canvas.

  • Schools considering an integration with Canvas are strongly encouraged to ensure student and teacher accounts are up to date with accurate email addresses, otherwise historical data may not be saved.

  • When the Mathspace LTI link is clicked by a student or teacher, we receive user data (ID, name, email, role) and course data (ID, name)

  • We periodically pull from the Canvas site all the courses where users have accessed Mathspace, to fetch the current members in the course, each user (ID, name, email, role) and the course (ID, name)

Set Up

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