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SAML Single Sign-On (SSO)

Instructions for setting up SSO using SAML

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This document is intended for customers who wish to integrate their SAML SSO with Mathspace.

Please note that Mathspace does not offer user and group sync at the moment โ€” only authentication. Therefore, you must ensure your staff and students have corresponding accounts on Mathspace via teacher admin/our other integrations or with the help of our support team.

In context of SAML, Mathspace is the Service Provider (SP) and your school is the Identity Provider (IdP).

Start by filling out our SAML SSO Setup Request Form.

To help you with setting up SAML SSO on Microsoft Azure, we have recorded a short guide below:

And here is a guide for Google Workspaces (a.k.a. GSuites):

Note that you MUST add a SAML attribute called "email" which is set to user's primary email. The video skips this part.

We will reach out to you to let you know of the progress, so be sure to leave an email address on the form where we can reach you.

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