How does it work?

First, a Canvas Connection needs to be setup in Mathspace to connect with the school’s Canvas site

This requires liaising between Mathspace support staff and the Canvas administrator at the school. See the setup process below.

The teacher needs to launch Mathspace from their course’s navigation menu

When the link is followed by a teacher or student, the course will be setup in Mathspace

That one course and its members will be copied into Mathspace, as class and user accounts. See following diagram.

The user will then be automatically logged into Mathspace

Students will login to their Student Dashboard page to see upcoming tasks and access features such as our textbook content, worksheets and practice questions.

Teachers will login to the Teacher Planner page for the class they came from.

Once per day, Mathspace will update each class and user to match the Canvas data

This will only occur for courses that were initiated by teachers via the previous step.

This is to prevent non-maths classes and users turning up in Mathspace

Setup process

The Canvas administrator at the school will need to add a developer key:

  • Go to Admin

  • Choose the root account

  • Click Developer Keys

  • Click +Developer Key+LTI Key

Fill out with these fields:

Key name

Mathspace LTI Link

Owner email

[email protected]

Redirect URIs


Enter URL


Click Save

Activate the developer key:

  • In Developer Keys, look for the Mathspace LTI Link key and click the ON button

Set the correct privacy level on the developer key:

  • In Developer Keys, look for the Mathspace LTI Link key and click the Pencil icon to edit it

  • Expand the Additional Settings section

  • Ensure that Privacy Level is set to Public

  • Click Save

Share these details with your Mathspace school consultant or support at [email protected]

We’ll need to collect some details of the LTI link, see below:

School name

Canvas site URL

Should look like:

LTI Client ID

Should look like: 151610000000000149

Mathspace will process the LTI link details and confirm when it is done

When confirmed, we can continue to the next step.

The Canvas administrator installs the LTI link in all courses

When logged into the Canvas site as an administrator:

  • Go to Admin

  • Choose the root account

  • Click Settings → Apps → View App Configurations

  • Click +App

Fill out with these fields:

Configuration type

“By Client ID”

LTI Client ID

Should look like: 151610000000000149

This will cause Mathspace to appear in course navigation for all courses. Course administrators are then able to hide this link if desired.

The Canvas administrator can test the LTI link and verify it works correctly

To test the link, the Canvas administrator can impersonate a student or teacher on their Canvas site and follow the Mathspace link in the course navigation, where they should be logged into Mathspace.

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