The Skills view gives students greater visibility and ownership of their own learning by grouping related skills, and providing a clear path for the development of understanding across grade levels.

Student results from their check-ins for their selected ‘Skills Focus’ will generate the recommended practice tasks on their Dashboard. This allows students to view work across multiple grade levels within the single substrand/ sub-domain, ensuring personalized practice is aligned with classwork.

What is a Skills Focus?

A ‘Skills Focus’ is a group of related skills (sub-strand/sub-domain) from the curriculum that provides focus and a clear sequence for the development of understanding across year levels. It will highlight progress within the group of skills and recommended practice tasks on the student dashboard.

Mathspace will recommend a skills focus when work is completed for a new concept, in the form of:

  • An assigned task

  • A self-directed task

  • A skills check-in

A student’s skills focus can be changed by:

  • Selecting ‘Yes, change’ for a recommended skills focus

  • Navigating to a new skills focus via the Skills map and selecting the flag to ‘Make this my skills focus’

The available skills focuses on the Skills map are dependant on the year level that student’s have selected.

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