Recommended Practice

Ensure personalised practice is aligned with classwork using Mathspace Recommendations

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What is Recommended Practice?

Recommended practice tasks are Adaptive tasks that are related to a student's Skills Focus. They can be found on the Student Dashboard and Skills report. They are tagged using one of three categories:

  • Ready to learn: check-ins completed by the student have determined that all the pre-requisite skills for this Mathspace subtopic have been mastered, indicating readiness to learn this content.

  • Skill almost mastered: check-ins completed have indicated that the student is familiar with this content. Practising this Mathspace subtopic will assist in progress towards mastery.

  • Skill worked on recently: a task that has been worked on by the student, but not yet mastered within the Mathspace textbook. This includes assigned and self-directed tasks that have been worked on. While students may have mastered this skill on their skills report, there are still more difficult questions available in this task for them to practice.

When multiple tasks fall into one of the recommended task categories, students can choose a relevant topic of interest using the shuffle option to generate a new recommendation, to continue the sense of ownership over their learning. This appears when the mouse icon is placed over the task tile.

How do Recommendations change?

Recommendations change when students reach a Proficient level on a particular subtopic, or when a student changes their Skills Focus to keep students working on relevant content in their zone of promixal development.

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