You are able to assign Adaptive practices to your students. Mathspace personalises the learning for each student. Adaptive tasks take a student through a subtopic at their own pace from the easiest to the most difficult questions. While some students require less time and questions to reach mastery, others may need more time and attempt more questions.

For more info on how Adaptive tasks work:

New Adaptive Task Experience

To assign an Adaptive practice, you will navigate to the textbook and select the topic/subtopic you’d like to assign from. Once you’re there you can click “Assign Adaptive Practice”.

Once you've done that, you can set the start/due date and assign it to your class.

You can view the tasks you've assigned from the Planner page or the Assignments tab.

Personal Planner Page

Click on the task and it will bring you to the task report where you can also view the details.

Adaptive Practice Results

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