In the next 20 years almost half of the current Australian jobs are at risk of being disrupted by automation and technology. As a country we have the very real and challenging job of training our children for jobs that don’t yet exist. 

One thing is certain... The majority of the jobs of tomorrow will require strong mathematics skills and we’re not producing enough students with these skills.

Westpac and Mathspace have teamed up because we believe we have a responsibility to help the next generation of Australians to have a bright future. 

Thanks to the generous support of Westpac, Mathspace Essentials is now free for all Australians. 

Mathspace Essentials is our interactive eBook. The content is aligned to the Australian curriculum for Year 3 to 12. You can use Mathspace Essentials to revise any topic. It includes thousands of video lessons created by maths teachers, and more than 30,000 interactive practice questions with step-by-step hints.

I'm a teacher. How can I set up Mathspace Essentials for my class?

It's easy! Everyone in your class can sign up and access the eBook content for free. We've put together some information specifically for teachers below. We're also happy to come out to your school to run a free PD with you and your colleagues to get you set up!

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