Mathspace for Schools

Mathspace for Schools is our premium school resource, purpose-built for data-driven teaching. 

For teachers, there is a teacher dashboard which allows you to set customisable tasks, do automatic marking and gain deep insights into student learning. 

Students using Mathspace for Schools can complete tasks set by their teacher or work at their own pace using our adaptive tasks. Mathspace for Schools records the student's full history, and rewards students with mastery points. 

Mathspace Essentials

Mathspace Essentials is the eBook part of ‘Mathspace for Schools.’ It is an entirely new kind of textbook that’s dynamic, engaging and truly interactive, with topics covering primary to secondary school. Mathspace Essentials includes 30,000+ practice questions with step-by-step hints, 7000+ video lessons created by maths teachers.

Mathspace Essentials does not include a teacher dashboard. Teachers cannot use Mathspace Essentials to set tasks or mark homework.

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