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Can my students try the questions again?

Students can retry questions in a Custom task to demonstrate their learning

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One of our most widely requested features has been released! Students will be able to retry questions while working on Custom tasks. This is an opportunity to allow students to try difficult questions again in order to improve their score.

Students will see the option "Try again" when they complete a question without full marks.

Teachers will see a reference in the task report to indicate that students have retried questions.

Teachers will also have the ability to switch off this feature, if they need to do so, in their Advanced Options on the task creation panel.


  • Students will be given 5 attempts to re-try the question, after which the retry button will be disabled and a tooltip appears saying that they're out of retries.

  • If the student finishes the last question of their custom task, the 'Continue' button will be replaced with a 'Finish Task' button to help students to understand that they can't come back and retry questions.

Can I see all student attempts?
At this stage, we only store the last student attempt and indicate to teachers that questions have had multiple attempts. We plan to store all student attempts in a future release but have not committed to a timeline.

When students finish a task, can they still go back and retry later?

No, they can only retry while working on the active task. Once the task is finished they cannot go back.

Do they have to retry immediately, or will they have the option after each wrong question?

Once students have attempted all questions, they will be given the option to finish the task. They can go back and retry other questions in the task, as long as they do it before finishing the task.

Will there be a deadline when they can’t retry (past due but not expired task)?

Once they finish the task they cannot keep retrying, so once teachers see that the task is complete, the grade won’t change.

Can the retries be a separate feature to enable/disable? We might want to keep hints and examples but disable retries.

Not yet. We will record this feedback and might prioritise it if we get more teacher requests on this.

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