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Using Mathspace as a Teacher
Mathspace Personal Tutor (beta)
Mathspace Personal Tutor (beta)

Introducing Milo, our new AI Chat tutor.

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Milo provides context-sensitive and mathematically accurate support for every student as they work through problems in the Mathspace workbook.


  • Milo can support both expected and unexpected solution paths and identify how or why mistakes are made. So whenever and wherever students are stuck, they can get support from Milo.

  • Unlike broad-use chatbots like ChatGPT, Milo’s programming ensures that he always provides appropriate support, in language students can understand, without giving away the answer.

  • Student-tutor relationships are built on trust, so we’ve made sure that students can trust and relate to Milo. He’s focused on supporting the learning journey but he’s always keen to have a bit of fun along the way.

  • Our moderation policy automatically identifies profanity, hate, harassment, self-harm, sexual and violent content. Flagged conversations are reported to teachers and access to Milo can be revoked as required.

Milo is currently in beta, still learning how to read questions with graphs, images or questions that have multiple parts. At the moment, Milo supports questions that are numeric, algebraic and multiple choice.

Is it available to all year levels?

It’s rolled out to years 6 - 10 for now.

I would like to see what students are typing to Milo, will I be notified if they said inappropriate things?

Teachers can review conversations with Milo in the students' scorecards. If any inappropriate messages are detected, they'll be flagged, and Milo will cease responding.

If a student accumulates 10 or more flags in a day, the option to ask questions will be disabled. Teachers will be promptly notified, and the flagged conversation with Milo will be provided.

Upon request from the teacher, we can reactivate the feature for the student.

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